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the heart never forgets...
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.the heart never forgets...
Welcome to mr_and_mrs_cain, a fan community dedicated to one of the only two canonized ships in the Tin Man fandom. Come on in, have a seat, but please read the following rules and keep them in mind when you're posting.

.general community guidelines
  1. Respect your fellow community members! Flaming, bashing, trolling, and other forms of harassment will not be tolerated. moony_blues is not afraid of unleashing the witch's remaining mobats if you try to pull something.
  2. This is a het ship community for the Wyatt/Adora pairing only. This means that no other subjects are allowed.
  3. All media types are welcome. See below for specific guidelines for posting fan fiction, videos, icons, banners, and fan mixes.
  4. You can join this community with more than one account IF the extra accounts serve different purposes. For example, if you have one journal for your fan fiction, another for your icons, and another for your personal account, you can join with all three. Be sure to let me know which accounts are yours in the welcome post.Abuse of this rule will result in warnings and eventual banning.
  5. No Spamming! Please don't post more than once per day per account. Abuse of this rule will result in warnings and eventual banning.
  6. Unless you have permission from a moderator, advertising is not allowed on mr_and_mrs_cain. You will be given permission if you ask. All we ask for is the courtesy of asking us first.
  7. These rules are subject to change at an time for any reason without notice.

.content posting rules
  • Icons: Please limit your teaser icons to no more than three images. All other images must be behind a cut. It's also a good idea for your teasers to feature Wyatt and Adora.
  • Banners and other images: Teaser images should be no larger than 400x200 (that's 400 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height). Full-size images must be put under a cut.
  • Videos: Either put them under a cut or supply a link directly to the page they're hosted on. I don't want the comm clogged up with a bunch of big place holders.
  • Fan Mixes: Covers out side the cut should be no larger than 400x600 (400 wide, 600 high). Everything else goes under a cut. Please provide track listings (an actual text list, not an image with a crazy, unreadable font).
  • Fan Fiction: All fiction must be behind a cut! It doesn't matter if it's a drabble or a novella. Put your title in the subject of the entry and leave your header outside the cut. All fiction must have appropriate ratings according to ESRB guidelines (not MPAA). Warnings must be given if your rating is higher than "T."


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